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Frequently Asked Questions


Your Q's,
Our A's

1. How long have you been officiating weddings?

I became a celebrant in 2015 and have served over 800 couples.

2. Do you perform wedding ceremonies for all couples?

1 million percent.  I support all couples in marriage and work hard to make sure every couple feels respected and valued.  I am always learning how to properly convey that I am not only LGBTQIA friendly, but an ally as in the meantime, I hope my honest words and feelings suffice! 

3. Do you offer custom ceremony scripts?

Absolutely! If one of my standard scripts don't tell your story how you envision it, we will work together to come up with something that speaks to you and your beloved's heart.

4. Do you offer full planning?

Nope!  Coordination only. I manage the events my happy couples have already planned, but I'm happy to offer suggestions and answer any questions you may have about vendors! I can also suggest some fabulous planners if you need more than day-of.

5. What does your day-of coordination include?

It's impossible to spell out all of the duties, but I listed most of them on the "coordination" page.  Just know that I'm there, with an end-goal of "I don't know how this would have all happened without you." You probably won't see me sit, and we'll be tight-hugging at the end of the night.

7. There are other officiants and coordinators with cheaper pricing (and some that are more expensive).  What's the difference?

I'm going to be honest.  I started this business with VERY low prices.   BUT - you simply don't know what you don't know.  I learned very quickly how much work and responsibility goes into being a wedding professional, and with time and valuable experience,  I began charging accordingly.  With professionalism and experience comes value.  So you will find officiants for $75  and some for 3 grand.  Some coordinators are $300 and some are 6 grand.  It's important to work with a vendor that's a good fit for you!

7. Can you officiate and coordinate the same wedding?

Absolutely! Many of my couples hire me for both services for their special day!

8. Do you come to the rehearsal dinner or stay for the reception?
Although I am honored to be invited, it would be impossible to attend every dinner and/or reception while still serving other couples and having a healthy work/home life balance. So, I do leave shortly after the rehearsal and wedding, so that you can begin celebrating with your loved ones. Sometimes you may catch me on a free weekend, and I'll gladly accept the invite and party with y'all!

9. I love what I hear and I'm ready to book. What's next?

What a joy it would be to serve your special day! Head over to my contact form so we can get to chatting!

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