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Wedding Coordination


What Is A Wedding Coordinator And Should You Hire One?

Planning a wedding can be very time-consuming.  Stressful.  Expensive.  When it's finally time for the big day,  a wedding coordinator provides the couple with invaluable peace of mind.   All of the wedding plans will be executed with professionalism and with the least amount of stress and worry as possible.  

Experienced coordinators are experts in handling situations that can be uncomfortable or out of anyone’s control.  We make sure that each issue is handled discreetly and quickly, often without the couple even knowing.  For example, if the second-line band is delayed by an accident, the coordinator will make sure the DJ or band provides the music. If the father of the bride is missing just before the father-daughter dance, the coordinator will find them.  Basically we're always working "behind the scenes" so that everything is flowing smoothly, as the bride, groom and guests see it.  

Coordinators work with the vendors.  We contact vendors a few weeks before the wedding to confirm all important information, and we give our phone number as the day-of contact.  Nothing like getting phone calls about where the photo booth should go, while you're in the middle of hair and makeup, right?! Basically, we make sure that everyone knows where they need to be, and when!

One of a coordinator’s most important jobs is the timing of the details. They go through every part of the wedding, making sure there is enough time for everything that's scheduled.  With the couple's input, we create a timeline of the day which gets shared with all involved parties . Not having a timeline can be disastrous.  Weddings have started late, transportation has left couples with no rides, second line bands have departed without playing because they have another wedding, etc.  Coordinators put out the fires before they have a chance to even begin (and also the little ones that were completely unavoidable!)  Below is one of my favorite excerpts from a post about weddings:


The Bonus Bridesmaid

Starting at $700 (Available Monday-Thursday)

This package is perfect for the couple who is planning a small wedding, or an elopement, or simply on a tight budget, but still wants some help and peace of mind.  Approximately 4 weeks from the the wedding date, I jump in to take the reins!


• Pre-Booking Consultation

• Unlimited communication from start to finish

• Select Vendor Recommendations

• Collect all wedding details and create     Master Timeline​

• Contact all vendors

• 1 in-person meeting (This can be the        rehearsal if needed)

• 6 hours of Day-of Coordination (On-Site    Event Management)

• Serve as point of contact for all vendors    and guests


The Whole Shebang

Starting at $1495 (Greater New Orleans area only - additional fees for travel, Sundays and holidays 


This package is perfect for the couple who is having a traditional larger wedding, or one requiring more hands and time on deck.  Approximately 4 weeks from the wedding date, you'll hand over your details and I'll get to work! 


• Pre-Booking Consultation

• Unlimited communication from start to finish

• Select Vendor Recommendations

• Collect all wedding details and create Master Timeline​

• Contact all of your vendors

• 1 in person meeting

• Attend and manage rehearsal

• Up to 10 hours of Day of Coordination (On-Site Event Management)

• Set up of couple's personal decor 

• Pinning boutonnieres, managing corsages, and bouquets
• Coordinate with music for start and end of wedding ceremony

• Assistance with wrangling guests to quickly knock out photos

• Ensure couple has their own plate of food, and full drinks

• Assistance with cake cutting and passing (if necessary), and  coordinate photos and any cake pulls

• Continually making sure photographer, videographer, Dj/band are ready for all special moments like dances, tosses, speeches, exits, etc.
• Collect all personal decor, cards/gifts, and leftover food and cake and place in designated vehicle

• Distribute final payments and/or gratuities

• Coordinate and manage guests for grand exit

• Serve as point of contact for all vendors and guests

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